full moon healing circle


Kind Words

Very apt information and informative of my current situation. Very clear directions on how to move forward. Highly recommend.
Kylie Jones
A very accurate reading which helped me make sense of my life path, where I’ve been that led me to bow and where I going.
Taryn Jorgensen
Today I had Rejuvenate Soul Package with Sandra. The whole experience was wonderful I came away my body feeling amazing. For the first time I had IteraCare TeraHertz Wave done for me if you haven't had it I highly recommend I will certainly be going back. I highly recommend Sandra she is very knowledgeable in all she does and the Soul Package is a great way to experience some of it.
Wendy Taylor
Rejuvenate Soul package
Had a reading today and the answers I received were the exact reason I booked the reading. It really felt like I received the exact message I needed to hear. Highly recommend.
Tara Heaney
Zoom Reading
Experienced a beautiful crystal healing session today. Sandee is a warm and soothing healer and I would highly recommend her. Blessings ✨
Helen Elizabeth
crystal healing
She is a lovely healer and I had a great time today 💜 will be back soon 🙂
Amy Pinkvodka
crystal healing
Thank you for your time yesterday. I have woken up relaxed and uplifted. The crystal healing was exactly what I needed to give me a positive outlook. I found you to be calming, professional and very generous with your time. Thank you and I will be back soon for either a massage or moon ritual ☺️
crystal healing
"Sandee is a great facilitator if the Unlock Your Love Blocks program. Her empathy is matched by her sincerity in helping people get to the heart of their particular issues. Thanks Sandee.
"I was a bit nervous to begin with as I've never done anything like this before yet Sandra put me at ease almost immediately. She is calming, intuitive, patient and understanding and made me feel safe to open up in the sessions. Sandra has helped me begin facing and healing parts of me I couldn't or wouldn't even acknowledge previously. I will definitely continue on this journey with Sandra." -
Louise Knolling
Right from the start, I could feel a shift in how I understood myself. The revelations about my current behaviour really came to light. Sandra held a safe space, free from judgement, and allowed me to fully explore all the aspects of the topic. Her insightful questioning empowered me to go deeper within myself and gain profound awareness. If you are open to healing, I highly recommend Sandra to be part of your journey. Blessings,
Jessica P
,Hi Sandee, I would like to write a review of your business.... It would go like this. I have known Sandee for over 5 years now, I first met her when I needed serious help and she provided everything I needed. Recently, I had the privilege to be seen by her.... It was like old friends meeting again,like time had never passed. This Woman is amazing! Firstly, I no longer grind my teeth ( my mouth is thankful...lol) And more importantly, I have a sense of peace... And in my profession this is a blessing. Sandee, I love you for your work and wish you the best to come. We can do it my friend! With deepest regard,
Rejuvenate Soul Package
Sandee is such a warm person who shares her love and light with those who meet her. Her crystal sessions are truly healing and rejuvenating. Visit her for all your healing needs. Thank you Sandee.
Melissa Shaw
Had the most amazing Chakra , crystal balance treatment with Sandee,it was so insightful, powerful and cleansing. A must for all to try. Thanks Sandee
Sally A Johnston-Evans
This woman has an incredible ability to heal! The results were immediate and are continuing to present themselves as the days go on. I would recommend this amazing soul to anyone! Genuine, honest and a natural healer
Kat Vanders
I love going to visit Sandee, it's the best experience I have had. I have been going here for two years and I would go anywhere else!!
Kelly Lloyd
Great product and customer service from Sandee! Personal care taken with every aspect from packing and handling to communication while item is in transit. HIghly recommended!
Byron Philosophicus
Thank you for opening your sacred space.Beautiful energy.Lovely cleanse & recharge.Great full moon ceremony. Blessings
Judy Gardner
Thank you Sandra Caruana for another beautiful 'Chakra healing meditation' session tonight.
Shirly Glover
Thank you for a beautiful Chakra balance class
Samantha Breen
Goddess of Love thank you. I highly recommend Sandra to everyone and especially anyone who wants a safe, calming and peaceful environment. So grateful for such a healing session today Sandra
Michelle Redman
Thank you so much, lovely lady. It was a pleasure meeting you. You made my day today.
Shona Shabnam
Thank you for today's card reading Sandeel! It was spot on in so many ways and i really resonated with the cards that came up in the reading(and the issues that were highlighted).Thank you for your insight and understanding in doing the reading too. looking forward to future sessions with you
Melanie Surplice
I had the most relaxing massage on Monday.I can thoroughly recommend thank you Sandra Caruana
Sue Galvin
Great product and customer service from Sandee! Personal care taken with every aspect from packing and handling to communication while item is in transit. Highly recommended!
Hery Porter
Sandee is amazing! I absolutely loved my session and can guarantee it won't be my last. It was the most relaxing experience I can remember and I feel so much better in so many ways!
Sharon Waiwiri
Had the best full body massage I’ve ever had with Sandee. Walked out relaxed yet energised. Highly recommend.
Louise Kolling
The relaxed and calming environment. sandra was amazing
Heather McCulloch
Sandra gives the best massages. i go every week she lets me use my doterra blend and massages with my own oils. love it. hugs Debx
Debourah Borg
thanks Sandee for a fantastic healing I could literally feel the energy coming from you. I feel so good and ready to move forward with my journey. I am coming back soon ♥️
Renee Pudney
I have now been seeing Sandee regularly ( every 2 to 4 weeks) for just over a year now and have benefited from every session, my favourite being the rejuvenating package. It’s evident Sandee’s care and desire to help others is genuine and I truly believe I wouldn’t have achieved what I have in this past year without her help support and guidance. I am a work in progress and derail at times yet as soon as I walk in I instantly feel lifted just by her energy. Sandee is truly gifted with a genuine heart and desire to help others and I can not recommend her highly enough. **Updated** I am a regular now for 2 plus years, the rejuvenation package is still my favourite yet whether it be a healing , massage, reading or just purchasing a crystal or gift I am always guaranteed top quality service and care from Sandee. Her care and dedication to helping others is 100%. A genuine soul!
Louise Kolling
In truely love watching out for your cards each day and truely appreciate the affirmations or guidance that they bring.
Tracey James Barnes
Sandee has beautiful energy and powerful shamanic qualities! And she's lovely, happy lady to be around! Thank you for being an inspiration for all of us!
Oksana Smith
Absolutely wonderful shop and Sandee is lovely. Her readings are spot on ♥️
Jackie Wells
I have started to see Sandee on a regular basis. The results are almost immediate.... the Reiki Crystal Healing is wonderful & the benefits do last! Sandee has a fabulous intuitive gift & is a beautiful person with a genuine heart 💓I cannot recommend her highly enough! Her massages are the bomb! 👍🏻 (fabulous) You won’t be disappointed 🌺
Lynne Ansell
Sandee is such a great host. I love going to her events, I always learn so much and feel so welcome. Thank you Sandee for giving us an opportunity learn more and get In touch with our spiritual guides.
Mallaree Lawson
I can not recommend Sandee highly enough! I went in feeling like the weight of the world was on my shoulders and I left her stunning space feeling relaxed, renewed and reenergised. And that’s just after a 1 hour massage. She intuitively knew what I needed and I even drifted off, I was that at peace! I will definitely be back! Thanks again Sandee 💜
Sarah Behan
Thank you for today's crystal healing. Sandee is very warm and welcoming.
Gladys Gigi Lando
went and had a reading done on the weekend. what a beautiful experience. The room was comfortable and peaceful. Sandee was wonderful and the reading was confirmation for me. Thank u Sandee
Vickie Inglis
I love my new dreamcatchers and crystals. They are amazing and the deliver was super fast 🙂
Faatuli Lainey
Thank you so much for today’s Soul Session Sandee I came in feeling unsure and nervous about my new adventure, and left feeling like my path is clear and open. I am happy and relaxed and the kids say I smell great haha 😍 See you again soon 💋
Becky Bockle
Thank you so much for today. The most beautiful experience, I have felt in awhile. You are a beautiful soul.
Mahina Chadwick
I highly recommend the Chakra workshop. Very informative an educational . Sandra was an excellent coach and explained everything during the workshop. The smell of the oils an the sound of the music made the experience calm an relaxing. An experience I will always cherish. Thankyou
Cathy Grima
I would highly recommend Goddess Love to anyone who wants to buy Beautiful Crystals 🥰 and who wants to learn about Charkas and Grounding yourself . I also Especially Love the Charka Clearing Meditation classes 🙏🏼🌈💚💛🧡
Debbie Sellin-Mcleary