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Unlock Your Love Blocks®- Readings

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Sandee is an intuitive Unlock Your Love Blocks® Oracle Card Reader

These Oracle cards were specially created to offer deep insights into the blocks that prevent you living your life to the fullest. They uncover issues you may not be aware of, and give the tools to bring harmony and love into your life. They cover all aspects of your life, career, relationships, love, family which are causing you sadness. 

In these readings, Sandee is fully guided by spirit to help you understand and clear those blocks to love. She reveals the options that lie before, you and how to proceed forward to a life of love and harmony. You were not meant to suffer. You were meant to live a life of happiness. 

Sandee will assist you to understand how and when to take action, and when to sit in quietness. Most importantly these readings help you stay in the present moment of NOW and thus manifest the life you want to live.

These cards act as a messenger from your Higher Self. Assisting you by revealing to your blocks, within and around you, that are preventing you from moving forwarded.

Book a half hour reading for investment of $50.





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