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What is Terahertz Frequency Wave Healing Therapy?

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Tera Hertz technology is the latest treatment from the world of advanced healing. Using Terahertz Waves, discovered in the 1980’s to match the vibration frequency of human cells, the therapy helps blood flow with normal healthy cells absorbing the Tera Waves while dormant cells are re-activated. As a result, damaged cells are repaired, leading to improved healing times in areas of trauma and leaving the patient feeling energized. Regular use also strengthens and induces the DNA organic molecules, enhancing self-repairing body cells.

THz (terahertz) waves are a form of nonionizing radiation and contain low photon energy, and are strongly absorbed by polar molecules such as water in both gas and liquid states. It shows the depth of Tera Hertz Wave penetration in our biological tissues.

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The most user-friendly frequency device on the market!

There are no programs to choose from, no apps to download, and no software to work out. Just a simple device that you plug in, turn on, and then point towards an area of the body you want to work on.

That’s it.

You can even charge your water with it and enjoy the hydrating & rejuvenating effects of structured water.

You Deserve a Healthier, Better Life

The iTeraCare Device is a non–invasive, safe and natural way to help improve your health and wellbeing. It works by stimulating the body’s own natural healing processes to help reduce inflammation, improve circulation and promote relaxation.

The body already knows what to do to heal, you’re just giving it a helping hand to get there faster!

How Does this Treatment Benefit you?


  • Able to detect blockage, inflammation, and tumor within our body
  • Pain, burning and tingling sensation will be felt on problematic areas
  • According to Traditional Chinese Medicine: blockage will cause pain, no pain means no blockage
  •  Tera Hertz frequency can penetrate the skin by 20-30cm. Thus, it is able to reach bone marrow. Blockage areas will be painful

Eliminating Unhealthy Cells

  • Terahertz frequency energy is the same with our normal cells
  • The energy will eliminate all abnormal or mutated cells when being absorbed
  • After using iTeraCare for a certain period, tumor will gradually shrink and disappear, the pain will gradually lift
  • Tera Hertz wave vibration is the same with our normal cells, abnormal or mutated cells will absorb much of the Tera Hertz energy and will be eliminated.
  • It is recommended to consume warm water before using iTeraCare to help eliminate unhealthy cells

Activation of Cell

  • Normal cells will absorb Terahertz energy and moderately increase in temperature and dormant cells will be activated
  • The body will feel more energetic
  • According to Ancient Greek Father of Medicine, Hippocrates, If there’s a way to heat the bones, then all diseases can be treated


  • Using ITeraCare over areas of our body on a regular treatments will help enhance regeneration of our cells.
  • *Terahertz frequency has the same resonance with normal cells, It induces and strengthens the DNA organic molecules by enhancing self-repairing body cells

Clear Meridian and Lymph

  • Using iTeraCare on lymphatic areas will help to cleanse blood impurities and inner body, improve blood circulation , removing clots and soften our blood vessels
  • The wave’s dilates our blood vessels, reduces blood flow resistance and viscosity, improving blood circulation, and prevent diseases.
  • Stimulate acupuncture points, improve Qi circulation, improve blood circulation, and increase metabolism rate

Circulation of Blood Vessel

  • Terahertz frequency dilates blood vessels
  • Reduces blood flow resistance and viscosity.
  • Improves circulation in the smallest blood vessels

Regulating Your Glands

  • Working with the tissues that makes and releases hormones that travel in the bloodstream and control the actions of other cells and organs protecting them
  •  Adrenal glands: Pituitary Gland: Ovaries; Hear; sexual dysfunction; Thyroid coordinating many body processes.

Removing Water Retention

  • Clear unhealthy body moisture. Our body is made up of 70% water and if this moisture increases, we would have aches and pains and swelling in our feet which is called water retention. By removing the extra moisture, iTeraCare will balance up our immunity system.

What Does a Session Look Like?


  • Wear Comfortable Clothing

  • Please bring a Litre of Water in Glass Bottle

  • Recommended not to wear Jewellery

  • Please advise if you have any metal objects in your body

After treatment

For fast recovery and healing, we recommend you avoid the following list for 4 hours.
  • NO Cold Water
  • NO Cold Food
  • NO Eating Raw/Red meats
  • NO Fans
  • NO Air Conditioner
  • Stay away from your body being cold
  • NO Swimming
  • N0 Shower
  • This is heat frequency treatment through your body,so please just rest your body.


 Everybody’s physical structure is different 
Seek Medical advise if pain persist 
  • Some experience maybe painful in certain areas, as there may be blockages
  • Previous unhealed or untreated pains or symptoms may occur
  • Some reaction may appear in treatment time to time due to toxins in the body
  • You may experience gastro as your body flushes 
All of the above reactions are normal to this therapy as we are going deep into the body cells. 

hear from iTeraCare Blower users


What is Structured Water?

Structured water is a term used to describe water that has been treated with a specific type of technology to create a more organized molecular structure. This process can be done through various methods, such as vortexing, electrolysis, magnetic fields and in this instance terahertz waves. There are also natural ways in which structured water can be created such as through sunlight, crystals and other techniques.

The iTeraCare TeraHerz device is a revolutionary new technology that uses terahertz radiation to break down water molecules into smaller, linear particles. This process, known as “linearization,” allows the water molecules to be absorbed directly into our body‘s cells. This means that the water can be absorbed more quickly and efficiently than with traditional methods, providing us with better hydration and improved overall health.

Structured water is believed to have many health benefits, including improved hydration, increased energy levels, improved digestion and absorption of nutrients, and better detoxification. It is also thought to help reduce inflammation and improve overall health.


The iTeraCare device is a certified household electrical equipment. It has been certified as “safe to use.” It emits no harmful radiation and it has labels allowing for its distribution internationally. The iTeraCare blower is not medical equipment and the manufacturer provides no medical advice. Users understand that the device is not intended to be used as a medical device or for diagnostic purposes on which reliance should be placed. Its use is not intended to be relied upon in lieu of medical treatment or advice by a trained medical care practitioner. Users understand that they use the iTeraCare blower at their own risk. Always consult your doctor or other healthcare professional with any questions regarding any medical condition, or for specific guidance regarding the optimal use of the iTeraCare blower, nutrition, or physical activity.