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Crystal Healing

Release & Align your Energies.

What is Crystal Healing?

What does it mean when our Chakras are unbalanced?

Chakras are our energy centres. We have seven major Chakras. They are the openings for life energy to flow into and out of our aura. Their function is to vitalize the physical body and to bring about the development of our self-consciousness. They are associated with our physical, mental, emotional interactions and spiritual Links. When unbalanced, distorted chakras can result in illnesses and disease.

Chakras are the link between your aura and your physical body. Each chakra heals a specific part of our body.

Illness manifestation is unique to you and is your own creation. We each create our own reality from our thoughts, which in turn have an effect on our feelings and emotions, thus affecting our behaviour and the choices we make. It’s important to know that the body can heal what it has created by changing our thoughts.

Crystal Healing Is A Way Of Life

How Crystals Heal

As Crystals work on vibration and each crystal has a different healing vibration. Where there is an imbalance or disease, crystals gently realign patterns and subtle bodies, bringing them back into balance and creating a state of wellness.

About the Treatment

  • I am guided by our healing guides/angels through the white light and energy aligning our charkas and mending and cleansing your aura.

  • I work with Crystals associated with the seven chakras, tarot cards, pendulum’s, sounds from Tibetan singing bowl, Healing drum, feathering your aura and sage cleansing combining with Reiki healing.
  • Each session can run for an hour or two.
  • We start off with a discussion, of what’s happening in your life, issues or pain you may have.
  • We do a short tarot reading, this also can confirm which chakra to work on.
  • As you relax on the massage table listening to calming music, I call our healing angels.
  • Then place the crystal that relate to your chakras on and around you.
  • Through the session I will heal you through the energy of my hands balancing your energy and activating your energy with sounds to stimulate the vibrations of the crystals.
  • Smoothing and sealing your energy field which is your aura.
  • Then I awaken you, when ready we to discuss the effects of the healing and suggest maybe healing crystals to assist the ongoing healing.
  • Everyone is an individual and we all have different results, some feel tingling, colours, voices, pictures, tears and much more or simply sleep. Whatever the outcome it’s healing and balancing you.
  • Healings start from oneself, We have to want to receive healing to benefit.
  • Please drink plenty of water before and after each treatment as our body is mainly water
  • Investment $120

  • Combine with a Massage for $180

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