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Soul Retrieval

Can Heal Trauma, Addictions, and Mental Illness.

What is Soul Retrieval?

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Understanding Soul Retrieval and Its Role in Achieving Inner Peace

Soul Retrieval is a shamanic practice that involves reintegrating lost Soul parts back into a person to promote healing. There are various interpretations of Soul Retrieval, but the one I specialize in is about bringing the unconscious to consciousness. It is a journey within ourselves to heal our inner soul, removing any blockages that obscure our true selves and creating inner peace, moving forward and harmony within oneself.

As your guide, I will assist you in travelling through your conscious and exploring your soul to identify what triggers your emotions, fears, and old pain. The process can be emotional, and it may take a few sessions to feel comfortable as we work through past trauma. We will discuss what comes up and assist in the process of moving forward and clearing blockages. This approach can be particularly useful in addressing feelings of confusion, loss, anxiety, depression, trauma, abuse, going against our morals, family beliefs, old shadow pain, fear, helplessness, abandonment, and rejection.

Join me in this journey towards self-discovery and experience the benefits of Soul Retrieval in your life.