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Sandee Caruana

Welcome to Goddess Love Natural Healing.

My name is Sandee and I commenced this journey in 2015. Following my path to assist others in their wellness assisting in releasing their energy blocks and helping them to move forward in their lives. Within this site you will find natural healing, crystal gift shop and events to you assist every one of you.


Blessings my name is Sandee Caruana.
Welcome to my new journey Goddess Love. Ever since I was a young girl I have always been interested in crystals, tarot cards and massage, not knowing the reason why till now.
Sometimes we never know what our journey is in life until one day you awaken and break the fear of the unknown and take a step forward and listen to your intuition. I would frequently go and get my tarot cards to read from the age of 16 and still too today, searching for answers to my path.

My spiritual guides in every reading always say you have a special gift to share with others, open up, you already know the answers, listen to your heart, you will be working with your hands, your hands are healing hands, why are you here you know how to read the cards, just open up. I just blocked it and didn’t believe in myself. I remember my Grandma Caruana reading teacups to me. I guess this is where I get my special gift from, thank you, Nanna Caruana. Until one day I woke up and said I have to change my life. I started to listen to the very gifted and spiritual people in my life and searched inside to what I loved.

My intention is to help others move forward in life.

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