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Meet Sandra

*Welcome to Goddess Love Holistic Wellness.** Thank you for taking the time to explore my services to help guide you towards making more conscious decisions about your well-being. As an Intuitive Psychic Reader and energy healer, I offer various modalities to aid you in your journey towards enlightenment, love, and discovering your life purpose. Feel free to browse through the information provided to learn more.

My Journey to Spiritual Awakening and Healing

Like many of us, I embarked on a quest to find a deeper spiritual connection. This journey led me to explore the art of crystal healing, which I have been drawn to since childhood. I have always had an interest in crystals, tarot cards, and massage, without fully understanding why. As I delved deeper into this spiritual journey, it became clear that my purpose was to help others heal, guidance and clarity.

Through my spiritual guides, I am able to align with each person I work with and find their unique spiritual gift. I believe everyone has the power to heal themselves; they simply need to listen to their heart and trust their intuition. My grandmother Caruana was also very spiritual and read coffee cups, and I like to think I inherited her special unique gift as she guides me through my journey.

My journey has been a long and fulfilling one. I have studied many forms of healing, including reiki, crystal healing, shamanic drum healing, egyptian seichim, therapeutic massage, and more. My goal is to share my knowledge and experience with others, to help them find their own path.

As your healer, I hold space of light to guide you on your journey of self-discovery. I will help you uncover and remove energetic blocks, understand hidden patterns, and raise your energy vibration. This journey will awaken the Goddess within, allowing you to shine your light with life and love.

I am grateful for all the amazing people who have supported me on my journey, and I would like to acknowledge them:

I am grateful for all the amazing people who have supported me on my journey, and I would like to acknowledge them:

  • Massage Course – Discover Massage
  • Crystal Healing – Crystal Discoveries & Holistic Harmony
  • Usui Reiki 1 & 2 – Dianne Graham – Shapeshifter
  • Seichim Level 1 – Light of Wellness – Natalie Ubi Grant
  • Reiki Master – Light of Wellness – Natalie Ubi Grant
  • Psychic Development – Elizabeth Wey – Essence of Healing
  • Usui Reiki Teaching – Spirit Quest School – Deb Bullions.

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