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Sandee Caruana

Welcome to my website, Goddess Love. Please browse through the information I supply here to help you make the right conscious decisions about your well-being. I am an intuitive healer and I offer several modalities to assist your journey into light, love and living your best life.

My Journey

My journey began, like so many of us, with a realization that I needed to walk a new and deeper spiritual pathway. I felt guided to explore crystal healing. Ever since I was a young girl I have always been interested in crystals, tarot cards and massage, not knowing the reason and till now.

Sometimes we never know exactly why we are attracted to certain things, but it is always a journey towards spiritual awakening. I would frequently be drawn to get my tarot cards to read from the age of 16 and still too today, always searching for answers to my life-journey.

I work very closely with my spiritual guides who align with me in every reading and healing session. They help me find your special spiritual gift to share with others, open, you already know the answers, listen to your heart, and you will be guided. You will find your hands are healing hands, and guide you towards the messages you need. Long ago I remember my Grandma Caruana reading teacups to me. I guess this is where I get my special gift from, thank you, Nanna Caruana. Our beloved grandmothers are always with us, guiding and supporting our journey of awakening into the light and truth of who we are.

My journey continued to grow. More recently I have studied reiki 1 and 2, crystal healings, shamanic drum healing, Egyptian Seichim Level 1, Unlock Your Love Blocks Intuitive Energy Coach, Therapeutic Massage, and so much. My journey continues as I explore this wonderful healing journey. I hope to share it with you.

Your Journey with me:

I am here to hold the space of light which supports you through your journey of life. Uncovering and removing energetic blocks, assisting you with calcification, understanding, assisting you to look at the hidden patterns and signs within, embracing you power, raising your energy vibration which will assist you to move forward in all aspects of life – love, career, family. This journey awakens the Goddess within, allowing you to glow with life and love.

There have been so many loving people who have supported my journey over the years. I would like to honour :

Massage Course – Discover Massage

Crystal Healing – Crystal Discoveries & Holistic Harmony

Reiki 1 & 2 – Dianne Graham – Shapeshifter

Seichim Level 1 – Light of Wellness – Natalie Ubi Grant

Reiki Master – Light of Wellness – Natalie Ubi Grant

UYLB Intuitive Energy Coach under Rebecca Lee – High Vibration City

Physic Development – Elizabeth Wey – Essence of Healing

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