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Shungite Orgonite Pyramid

Shungite Orgonite pyramids combine the metaphysical properties of shungite, orgonite, and the pyramid shape, creating a unique tool believed to offer a range of benefits.


  • Protection and Grounding: Shungite is renowned for its shielding properties, believed to protect against electromagnetic radiation (EMFs) and negative energies.

  • Healing and Detoxification: Some believe shungite can promote physical and emotional healing by absorbing and removing toxins from the body and energy field.

  • Balance and Harmony: Shungite is said to promote a sense of balance and harmony within the body and environment.


  • Negative Energy Conversion: Orgonite, a composite material with resin, crystals, and metals, is believed to transform negative energy into positive orgone energy, a hypothetical life force.

  • Amplification: Orgonite is thought to amplify the energy of the crystals embedded within it, like shungite in this case.

Pyramid Shape:

  • Energy Focus and Direction: The pyramid shape is seen by some as a powerful tool for focusing and directing energy.

Combining these Meanings:

A Shungite Orgonite pyramid might be seen as:

  • Protection from EMFs and negativity: The shungite and orgonite together could create a stronger shield against harmful energies.

  • Enhanced Healing and Detoxification: The amplifying effect of orgonite might boost shungite’s purported healing and detoxifying properties.

  • Energy Balancing and Harmony: The combination could promote a stronger sense of balance and well-being in your environment.

  • Directed Energy Flow: The pyramid shape might help focus the positive orgone energy for a more targeted effect.


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