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Pink Aragonite Pendant

Pink Aragonite is a rare crystal in the collector’s market. The best specimens are a vivid bubble-gum pink or magenta color.
Pink Aragonite is a wonderful crystal ally for anyone who is eager to spiritually evolve and worries they are moving too slowly. Pink Aragonite invites us calm down and to reconnect to our heart-center. It reminds us that those who move too fast, tend to stumble. But if we go at a reasonable and balanced pace, we will arrive we were are meant to be, on time and in good form. Pink Aragonite asks us to be patient and to remember that healthy growth has its own divine pace; much like a flower that blooms gradually and becomes more beautiful with each passing day. Pink Aragonite connects us to the Earth Goddess, a warm and loving entity who wants us to thrive and be nurtured.


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