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Blue Aragonite

Blue Aragonite, a beautiful light turquoise stone, is believed to hold a range of spiritual properties across different cultures.

  • Communication and Self-Expression: Blue Aragonite is particularly associated with the throat chakra, the energy center linked to communication. It’s believed to help you speak your truth clearly and confidently, whether expressing your emotions or creative ideas.

  • Emotional Healing and Release: This crystal is said to soothe and heal emotional wounds, especially those related to suppressed or unspoken feelings. It might help you release negativity and communicate openly.

  • Inner Peace and Patience: The calming blue color of Blue Aragonite is linked to feelings of peace and tranquility. It’s believed to encourage patience and understanding, both towards yourself and others.

  • Spiritual Growth and Intuition: Some believe Blue Aragonite can enhance your intuition and connection to higher spiritual realms. It might aid in meditation and spiritual practices.

  • Balance and Grounding: Blue Aragonite is said to promote a sense of balance and stability, both emotionally and spiritually. It might help you feel centered and grounded, even during challenging times.


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