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Pink Tourmaline Pendant Small point

Pink tourmaline is a beautiful gemstone variety of the tourmaline mineral group, known for its delicate pink to rose red hues.

It’s considered a precious stone and prized for its captivating color and brilliance.

  • Love and Compassion: Pink tourmaline is believed to be a stone of love, radiating energies of compassion, emotional healing, and self-love. It’s said to promote emotional well-being and foster healthy relationships

  • Stress Relief and Peace: The calming pink color of the stone is associated with feelings of peace and tranquility. Pink tourmaline is believed to alleviate stress, anxiety, and worry, promoting a sense of inner calm  .

  • Self-Confidence and Acceptance: Some believe pink tourmaline can boost self-confidence and self-acceptance. It’s said to help overcome self-doubt and negative emotions, promoting self-worth and appreciation

  • Communication and Creativity: Pink tourmaline is thought to enhance communication and emotional expression. It’s believed to inspire creativity and artistic endeavors

  • Heart Chakra: In crystal healing, pink tourmaline is particularly linked to the heart chakra, which is believed to govern love, compassion, and empathy. Balancing this chakra with pink tourmaline is said to promote emotional well-being and openness to love


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