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Mookaite Large Tear Drop


Set – Sterling Silver 925

Size with Bail -5cm length, 3cm width

Plus a Free  Sterling Silver Chain

The word “Mooka” means running waters, this name was given to the stone because of the beautiful natural running waters in its place of origin. Mookaite comes in an array of organic and unrefined colours. These colours are purple, red, blood red, brown, yellow and grey.

Mookaite is a strong, earthy Australian Jasper with a brilliant red and yellow energy combination. It is an Aboriginal Mother Earth stone that is gaining popularity worldwide for its therapeutic properties and ability to empower one to feel and connect with the Earth’s electromagnetic energy currents. It has an energizing frequency of power and vitality, and it boosts Life Force in the physical body. It allows you to channel this good energy to strengthen your willpower and focus on your power. Mookaite encourages an ageless spirit open to change and new experiences, as well as reawakening one’s inherent instincts for determining the best course of action.

Mookaite is an Australian Jasper from Mooka Creek in Western Australia’s Kennedy Ranges


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