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Chinese Writing Stone Pendulum

The “Chinese Writing Crystal,” also known as “Shu-Shiu Stone” or “Writing Jasper,” holds fascinating spiritual meanings and properties steeped in history and folklore.

Connection and Grounding:

  • Earthly wisdom: The stone is believed to foster a deep connection with Mother Earth, offering a grounded perspective and guiding you towards what truly matters. This grounding energy helps prioritize inner peace and joy in life.
  • Ancient knowledge: Some connect the swirling patterns on the stone with ancient writings, associating it with access to past wisdom and hidden knowledge. It’s seen as a bridge to unlocking deeper understanding and inspiration

Reaffirmation and Commitment:

  • Chinese Writing Stone is seen as a stone of loyalty and steadfastness. It strengthens existing relationships and commitments, while helping you adjust to change with greater awareness and grace.
  • Holding or meditating with this stone can reinforce your personal values and inspire you to live a more genuine, authentic life.

Creativity and Communication:

  • The intriguing patterns on the stone are said to spark imagination and stimulate creative flow. It allows ideas to mature before taking action, encouraging thoughtful expression and meaningful communication.
  • Some believe it aids in understanding written and spoken language, enhancing your ability to grasp deeper meanings and perspectives.

Additional Spiritual Meanings:

  • Past life recall and access to ancient knowledge through the Akashic records.
  • Deeper insight into dreams and dream interpretation.
  • Protection from negativity and harmful energies.


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