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Aquarmarine Ring – Size 7

Aquamarine! Its shimmering beauty reflects a world of spiritual meaning, woven with threads of calmness, courage, and communication.

Stone of Calmness and Peace: As its ocean-like hue suggests, aquamarine is a stone of serenity and tranquility. It soothes anxiety, calms turbulent emotions, and brings a sense of peace to the mind and heart. It’s like a cool summer breeze washing away your worries and allowing you to breathe deeply and find inner stillness.

Courage and Inner Strength: This gem also embodies courage and resilience. It empowers you to face challenges with a brave heart and clear mind. Whether speaking your truth, confronting fears, or navigating difficult situations, aquamarine offers a quiet strength to overcome obstacles and step into your power.

Communication and Self-Expression: Aquamarine opens the throat chakra, facilitating clear and honest communication. It helps you express your thoughts and feelings with authenticity and confidence. It can also enhance your listening skills and foster harmonious relationships. Think of it as a bridge between your heart and your voice, helping you connect with others on a deeper level.

Protection and Purification: Similar to its cleansing effect on emotions, aquamarine acts as a shield against negativity. It protects the aura from psychic attacks and harmful energies, creating a safe space for emotional and spiritual growth. It can also cleanse and purify other crystals, amplifying their positive energy.

Spiritual Growth and Intuition: This beautiful stone opens the third eye chakra, enhancing your intuition and connection to higher realms. It can deepen your meditations, guide you towards spiritual insights, and reveal hidden truths. By sharpening your awareness, it invites you to explore your inner landscape and embrace your spiritual potential.

Love and Harmony: Aquamarine fosters love and harmony in various aspects of life. It strengthens romantic relationships, promoting understanding and empathy. It also brings peace and unity within families and groups. Whether seeking harmony within yourself or with others, this gem can guide you towards deeper connections and love-filled relationships.


Courage, luck, purification, peace, intuition, inner strength, self-expression,
balance, relieve fear, calms communication, angel communication, preparedness, protection
during travel on water. Healing lore: throat, speech, chronic fatigue, eyes, eyesight, fluid
retention, headaches, intestinal / digestive.

Rings set in sterling silver 925 – Size 7


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