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Apatite Square Oval Ring – Size 9

Apatite! A beautiful and multifaceted stone with a rich spiritual meaning.

Core Meaning:

  • Manifestation: Apatite is known as a “Stone of Manifestation,” believed to help turn your dreams and goals into reality. It stimulates the intellect, clears confusion, and inspires action.

  • Honesty and Communication: Resonating with the throat chakra, apatite promotes honest and clear communication. It encourages self-expression, truthfulness, and speaking your mind with confidence.

  • Personal Growth and Expansion: This vibrant stone fosters creativity, learning, and exploration of new ideas. It can help shed emotional baggage and negativity, opening you up to personal growth and spiritual development.

Specific properties depending on color:

  • Blue Apatite: Aids intuition, psychic abilities, and lucid dreaming. Promotes self-reflection and inner clarity.
  • Green Apatite: Focuses on abundance, prosperity, and attracting financial well-being. Can also heal emotional wounds and bring joy.
  • Yellow Apatite: Connects you with your passions and divine guidance. Supports making choices aligned with your true purpose.

Other notable traits:

  • Balances the chakras.
  • Enhances motivation and reduces apathy.
  • Can aid in physical healing, particularly bones and teeth.
  • Associated with the zodiac signs Gemini and Sagittarius.

Overall, apatite is a powerful stone for:

  • Taking action on your dreams.
  • Speaking your truth and communicating effectively.
  • Expanding your knowledge and creativity.
  • Embracing personal growth and transformation.

Apatite: Intellect, achieving results, healing, insight, humanitarianism, meditation, balance, creativity.

set in 925 Sterling Silver size 9



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