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Sandra Louise is a  Unlock Your Love Blocks® Intuitive Energy Coach

We are meant to live lives of effortless happiness, but our unconscious shadows keep us in the dark. When we bring light to the shadow it dissolves and love enters. As we live in love, our lives reflect a higher, blissful transformation. 

In the deep, but liberating process Sandee assists people to make the transition from shadow to light, by unlocking the blocks that strangle your life, keeping you from blossoming into the light Being you are meant to be. Through my Unlock Your Love Blocks® Intuitive Energy Coaching you will discover the barriers within that are stopping you from experiencing the deep love that you yearn for in your life. We suffer because of these, often unconscious beliefs, that are hidden in the mind. Sandee helps you uncover them, and release them with forgiveness, clarity and seeing it all in a different light. As you change your perception, your heart opens to the love that you are, and then you are ready to love yourself and share that love with someone special.

During your Unlock Your Love Blocks® coaching with me you will gain:  

  • Clarity   

of the true person you are the type of lover you have the capacity to be and attract.

  • Understanding 

how to begin to use and trust your intuition so that you can navigate your internal and external blocks and connect deeply with yourself.

  • Tools and strategies 

the tools, meditations, strategies, and rituals that will begin to unlock your blocks so your life can move forward to a place of deep acceptance of yourself, others, and your journey here.

  • Deep Confidence 

in life often the difference between having what we want and not having what we want is simply a belief. During our Unlock Your Love Blocks coaching you will be shown the depths of your Soul, so that you can develop the confidence you need to understand that YOU have the solutions to your own blocks and challenges. You will be guided and held and encouraged to explore the depths of your own Soul!

 How ULYLB helps:

 The Unlock Your Love Blocks® coaching provides you with the keys to uncovering and removing the energetic blocks that hold you hostage and have you experiencing the repeating negative karmic patterns in your love life.

What you will discover:

  • How your mother wounds can block your ability to attract in abundance.
  • How to gain support from nature to help you through when you do not feel like you have anyone else.
  • How your “shadow” self unconsciously sabotages you in love and purpose.
  • How your father wounds may be blocking you from experiencing success and love in your life.
  • Identify your karmic patterns in love and how they are playing out in your life.
  • How to move through grief and loss will lead you to your life’s purpose.
  • How to communicate on a higher vibrating level to help you move out of continuous misunderstandings or feeling misunderstood.
  • How to move beyond guilt, embarrassment and shame and discover your worthiness.
  • How to manage your fears without them paralysing you and holding you back in love.

And so much more…..

 Contact Sandra Louise as she holds the space for you and assist in transitioning through a Unlock Your Love Blocks® Intuitive Energy Coaching and feel Empowered again. 
Remember Life is a stepping stone, so let’s step forward together

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