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Sage Sticks – Medium

Sage sticks hold a rich spiritual meaning, particularly within Indigenous American traditions.

Cleansing and Purification:

  • The burning sage smoke is believed to cleanse negative energy and promote healing. It’s like a spiritual smudge, clearing out stagnant or bad energy from people, places, or objects.

Bridge to the Spiritual Realm:

  • The smoke rising from the burning sage is seen as a bridge connecting the physical and spiritual realms. It can be used to carry prayers and intentions upwards.

Protection and Blessings:

  • Burning sage is thought to offer protection from negativity and invite positive energies. It can be used to bless a new home, workspace, or any item you want imbued with positive vibes.

Healing and Harmony:

  • Sage smoke is believed to promote healing on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. It can create a sense of peace and harmony, making it a valuable tool for meditation or relaxation rituals.

Importance of Respect:

  • It’s important to acknowledge that the practice of smudging with sage originates from Indigenous American traditions. If you’re not of Indigenous descent, it’s a good idea to educate yourself on the cultural significance of sage smudging before incorporating it into your spiritual practice. Consider using ethically sourced sage and approaching it with respect for its history and meaning.


  • If you’re interested in the cleansing properties of smoke but want to be mindful of cultural appropriation, there are alternative herbs you can use for smudging, such as lavender or palo santo.


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