Connect with your Chakras Sunday 7th March

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A mini workshop to understand what Chakras are.

D0 you want to know more about your Chakras?

Do you want know how to conenct with your chakras?

How to unblock your Chakras?

This is a beginners workshop, we will discuss the 7 major chakras and how they effect our lives, how our lives revolve around our chakras , the areas, connection and clearing. colours, oils, crystals, herbs and purposes.

Aura  Sage Cleanse

Mediation – through each chakra

Time: 10am till 3pm



Mediation  7 Chakra Cryrstal Set

Afternoon Tea

Please bring your own lunch due to dietry requirements: Fridge, microwave available

Payment plan can be organised please contact Sandee – a Depoist of $60 to sercure space

Investmetn $120 – cash – credit card $123

Must be paid prior to workshop

6 people






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