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Birthing Your Own Drum

The Spirit of the Drum and Making Your Drum with Lynn

In many Indigenous cultures and traditions, drum making and the use of drums are sacred events where the intent or sacred breath that you put into your creation and the energy work you are doing are key elements in the process. In Native American cultures, drums are used in many different situations: special rhythms played for healing purposes; to induce and sustain trance-like states or consciousness where the energy raised is directed towards a specific purpose like world peace; steady and/or uplifting beats suitable for ceremonial work such as in the various dances of the Pow Wow; prior to undertaking shamanic work, spiritual journeys and vision quests; to link members of different communities together at special festival times; in drum circles to celebrate the Full Moon and to promote healing/meditation; and to bring all into harmony and unity with the Earth Mother since the beat of the drum mimics Her heartbeat and our own.

Focussing your intent:

Drums are sacred. They are always treated with respect and honour. In Indigenous cultures they are neither seen nor treated as toys. Drums are not played in anger although drummers may play their drums in soothing and repetitive tempos to help release and heal anger in others. Consequently, it’s important PRIOR to making your drum that you work out what your intent is – WHY are you making your drum and therefore what energy do you wish to put into Her? During the actual drum making workshop you will be reminded from time to time to focus on ‘sacred breath’ – that is, to refocus on your heart intent and to consciously put that energy into your drum as you birth Her.

Come along to a sacred circle and birth your own drum.
A one day workshop where you make a Native American style medicine drum using your own inner wisdom to birth your sacred instrument with love, respect and honour using prayer & sacred breath.
Tune in to your own inner guides/ spirits to create your own medicine energy tool.


June 11th 2017

Time 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Workshop Costs:
$283 for a 15” hoop deerskin drum
$310 for an 18” hoop deerskin drum
$310 for a 15” octagonal deerskin drum
Price covers all materials.

Feel your sacred energy through your drum.

Must pay a deposit of $115 to secure your spot and the balance can paid on the day.

Deposit must be paid by 01st June.

limited spaces 8 beautiful soul.

Hosted by Lynn Intuited Sharman.
Bank details

BSB 484 799

ACC 053968758



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